First Step Management started here in North Texas in 2003 in the midst of the real estate boom.  At that time it seemed like there were more real estate investors, realtors, mortgage professionals, and property managers than there were houses.  Everyone had easy financing options and no down payments; but there were very few companies offering long-term realistic home buying opportunities.  This need in the market is why First Step Management was created.

Today, this need is greater than ever because most other companies offering programs similar have disappeared or gone bankrupt; because their programs weren’t realistic nor client friendly.  We have seen the market at its peak and we have seen it drop; but it hasn’t changed our ability to serve our clients with realistic and achievable programs.  We are a conservatively minded company focusing on realistic expectations of both ourselves and our clients.  We believe it is this conservative approach that has allowed us to succeed where so many other companies have failed.

We’re Certified

We are dedicated and determined to be a leader in providing housing to the people of North Texas.  For this reason we have taken the time and effort to become certified as an Affordable Housing Provider.  This is a national network that provides training and sets standards to ensure practices of affordable housing are maintained.

Book CoverWe’re Published

We are continually trying to improve and bring a service to our clients that is not only needed but valuable.  As part of this effort of continual improvement, we are proud to announce that our latest book “The Path to Home Ownership” has been published and is available through and other retailers.  But this book is available to all of our clients NOW through digital download; upon completion of the Client Information Form you will be provided a FREE digital copy.

Our Specialty

We specialize in providing home ownership opportunities to our clients, regardless of credit or financing ability to purchase with traditional lending sources.

For more information on this see our Steps  to Home Ownership Program

Our Goal

With personalized service and the opportunity that we provide, it is our goal to be part of something positive in our clients lives and assist in their achieving the American dream of home ownership.

Our Clients

Our clients are the most important people in our organization, without you we have no purpose for existence.  Our clients are deserving of the most courteous treatment we can give them.  We consider each of our clients unique individuals who bring us their needs and wants and it is our job to listen, to understand, and to make every effort to meet those needs and wants.

 If you haven’t already done-so  Submit Your Information and take the First Step in becoming a client and achieving your dreams.