• First Step Management has been a blessing for us. Andrew and Carrie have been great to work with. They really do help you to get into your own home. Thanks to
    you both.  Archie & Candy
  • Our family has been BLESSED to come in contact with First Step Management! The house & neighborhood are everything we wanted. We have had the best experience, everyone is helpful & ready to help in any way possible. Owning a home through First Step is not only simple but attainable!!  John & Rosalie
  • I am so pleased and happy with my new home, sometimes I find myself walking from room to room. I never knew this process would be so simple, I had given up on a home after being railroaded with my previous home. where no one told me about an adjustable rate and they went up on my mortgage 4 times in 6 years and I had to walk away. But I got blessed with something better, where Andrew didn’t care about my past and willing to help me with my future. I can’t wait to get to the next phase. Thanks Andrew and Carrie for caring. General and Cassandra
  • When i was looking for a home i was so upset because of the way the home’s were looking including the yard. It was terrible. They also wanted a arm and a leg for pet deposit. I have 2 small poms. I called first step management and the first home that i looked at i fell in love with it. Everything was perfect. Even the yard.I Will be going through the program to purchase this home. First Step Management was God sent and is such a blessing for me and my family.
    Thank You Very Much.  Sheila
  • The first thing that came to my mind was “Wow!” We have had such a great experience. This program is just what we have been looking for. After moving around so much (military life) and living in many different places, we were ready to become stable. I’d heard of many similar programs, yet so many negative reviews followed, so I was always hesitant. However, after carefully reading about this program and asking a lot of questions, we decided to give it a try. It has been just over a year and we could not have made a better decision. They are honest and very knowledgeable and their homes are of great quality. Our house is really nice and we live in a very nice neighborhood.  We finally found HOME!  Tammy
  • We wanted to get out of renting and into ownership; but we didn’t want to give up our business we had spent so much time building.  The banks wouldn’t work with us because we weren’t showing enough profit yet, but we had the money to aford a nice home.  When we found this home we were excited, but when we found out how the program worked we knew this was the one for us.  We are now into owner-financing and working on the next step of building our credit and finances up to the level we can refinance.  We know from experience that there is no way we could be in a home like this without a program like this one.
    Thank you.  Richard
  • When we first found our home and started this program things were really looking up and were so excited that in only six months we could be into a note.  Unfortunately life and the economy did not do exactly what we wanted it to do and we have had a few things to overcome.  We are so thankful for the understanding that you have been able to provide and your ability to work through this difficult time with us and help us get back on track.  With this program we have not been kicked out and we still have the oppertunity for ownership.
    Thank you – we know you have gone far beyond what other people would have.  C. James
  • We needed flexaility and understanding to make it possible for us to get a house.  We were told that all we had to do was to make six payments in a row and on-time and we would be qualified under this program – and it was true.  We love the home and everything we were told has come to pass; all we had to do was make the payments on time and take care of the home we love.
    Thank you for making this possible for us.  Rosa
  • We had been renting and being turned away by one loan officer after another for years. But Andrew was different, he listened to our sitution and really went the extra mile to help us get to where we have always wanted to be — owners of our own home.
    Thank you again.  D. Flores
  • I can’t thank you enough for working with me when everyone else wouldn’t. I have had a string of bad luck but this house and program may be just what I need to help me get started in a good direction again.
    Thank you for sticking with me and not forgetting.  Willie
  • I have a good job and work hard but until I met you it didn’t seem like that would help me get my own home. But with you it did, and now it seems as though all my hard work is going towards something.  I don’t know how to thank you for helping me give my son the home I wanted him to have.  Johnny
  • The way you do things is so simple and it works. We have listened and acted on the instruction and direction you have given us and it works. Even better it is not hard, the only difference is now we know what to do where before we were ready to do something we just didn’t know what.
    Thank you for all your help.  Issac
  • I was so happy when I found this house. I had been looking at so many houses that said they offered a similar program to yours, but when I asked questions it was nothing like this and none of the houses were in as good of condition as this one.
    Thank you for all your time and effort.  L. Vo

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