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How does your Program Work?

Many aspects of home ownership can be complicated, so instead we have taken a simple approach.  Our program has two phases; with a third phase being outside financing.  The first phase is a qualification, in this phase you show your ability to make payments consistently and on time.  Once complete you are qualified for Phase 2, the owner financing phase.  It really is that simple – make your payments on time and everything falls into place.

Do you arrange owner financing for the homes you sell?

Yes, we specialize in helping clients buy homes with owner financing.  We also can make introductions with licensed mortgage brokers who work with many lenders to help find the right loan for you.

Do I need to qualify to buy a home?

We are NOT interested in your past or your credit status.  Instead your qualification criteria is based upon your ability to make reasonable monthly payments and your desire to be a homeowner today and in the future.

How can I buy a home when I have bad credit?

You can't through conventional lenders, but you can with our help.  We can setup owner financing to help you own today and create situations to help you improve your credit over time.

How much down payment do I need?

Each property will have a minimum cash investment required, but this can vary from property to property.  If you are having trouble coming up with the total down payment; let us know what you can do - exceptions can be approved.  We can offer you a variety of options and we always do our best to work with our clients and their individual needs and abilities.

Ultimately, if you don’t have the full down payment that you need or want today, then we will help develop a plan to save a down payment for a future date.

What other methods of down payment are accepted?

Unlike most lending institutions, we accept borrowed funds for closing.  If you have a close friend or relative willing to lend you money for your down payment, you can use that with our programs.  You may also be eligible to withdraw or borrow from your 401K to purchase a home without penalties.

Do you offer down payment assistance programs?

Yes, we do.  These are approved on an individual basis but can be tailored to meet the needs and ability of individual clients.

One of our unique down payment assistance programs that is available to all clients is our Work for Equity Program; follow the link to learn more.

What is the interest rate on your home purchase programs?

We are flexible with our terms to meet your needs.  Typical interest rates range from 8.5% to 11.5% depending on your down payment, application, and status upon completion of Phase 1.  All credit is accepted, but applications are necessary to verify income and employment.

I love the home, what is the next step?

All we need is your application.  Often we will meet you at the property you are interested in and hand deliver your application to your manager, you can fax it in, or complete the Application Form online for fast processing!  We will then contact you within 24 to 48 hours once we are able to verify your income and employment.  Please keep in mind that our homes go quickly and operate on a first-come first-serve basis, so time is of the essence.  Once you are notified of acceptance a deposit is required to take your home off the market.


The home I wanted has been sold, can you find me another one?

Yes we can.  Our homes go fast, so the best thing you can do is to Submit Your Information and join our buyers list.  Tell us what you are looking for, how soon you are looking to move and we will do our best to find you your next home.  As soon as a home becomes available, we will call or email you about the home.  In addition, we recommend checking back with our Available Properties on a regular basis to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity.