Phase 1 – Qualification

For most of our clients, this is the beginning of your personalized Steps to Home Ownership.  We do NOT require any traditional credit references, credit score, or credit report; we have an alternative.  This is what we call Phase 1 or the Qualification Phase.  Phase 1 – Qualification opens up the opportunity of home ownership by providing an alternative to having great credit and/or large down payments.

Very simply this is your opportunity to show us that you are a credit worthy client by 1) making your payments on-time and 2) maintaining your home in the same or an improved condition from the time you moved in.


        • No Lengthy Paperwork
        • No Underwriting
        • No Delays
        • No Changing of the Rules

This program was created to reward clients for today’s choices and actions and to not penalize them for mistakes made in the past; as a traditional credit report does.  In addition, we believe qualification based upon present day actions is the most accurate and fair way to evaluate a clients ability to afford a home – not only is it fair, it also allows us to offer the opportunity of home ownership to 1000’s of people who would otherwise be denied.

Many other companies have tried to duplicate our program and/or qualification system, but we have yet to see any other similar program that has had this kind of long-standing success.  One of the greatest differences is that we only require nine (9) months of on-time payments.

Other similar programs require twelve (12) or even twenty-four (24) months
of payments – much more than our requirements.


Fast TrackPhase 1 Fast Track

Fast Track has been designed to allow someone to start Phase 2 even sooner than 9 months.  As an alternative to requiring the 9 months of on-time payments – a 10% down payment can approve you for an abbreviated qualification period and move right on to Phase 2 – Financing.  If this is an option for you, make sure to note you are interested in Fast Track on your Client Information Form and/or when you talk to an account manager.


A Customer First Policy

Not only have we designed the program to be realistic, but we have taken a customer orientated approach – NOT a company orientated approach, like most other programs.  This is why we have more lenient requirements than programs and companies; it gets you into home ownership faster.

In addition, you are NOT in jeopardy of losing you deposit or down payment if you are late with one of the payments.  Again this is our customer orientated approach where our program is designed to account for the realities of life and has a back-up plan built in just in case things don’t go perfectly.

Lastly, we can’t say enough about flexibility.  Our program doesn’t have any restrictions on where or when you get your financing and there are no hidden costs or fees when it comes time to finance or refinance.  You don’t even have to get your financing through our program.  If you become qualified with a traditional lender sooner than you expected, then go with that financing – and incur NO penalty from us.  We want to encourage whatever will be best for you.

“We want to see our clients succeed and let’s face it, we live in the real world where things happen.”

It is this flexibility and personal service that sets us apart more than any other company.  Bring your problems and concerns to us, and we will do everything we can to assist you to overcome the obstacles of this world and help you achieve your dreams.

Once Phase 1 is complete, you are ready to move into Phase 2 – Financing without any delay.  You can contact the office or we will notify you of your successful completion of Phase 1, then all you have to do is confirm you do want to move on to Phase 2.  At that time a manager will review your account and meet with you to discuss the details of your financing.  THAT’S IT, HOME OWNERSHIP CAN BE THIS EASY!!

 and take the First Step in becoming a client and achieving your dreams.