If you have been turned down by anyone else, don’t feel bad.  Studies have shown 80% of people who can afford to own a home don’t qualify based upon today’s traditional lending requirements.  The good news is you are a perfect candidate to become a client with First Step Management.

If you are still not sure if you are a potential client, then here is a list so some of the situations our clients have faced:

    • Clients who have been through a bankruptcy
    • Clients who have had a foreclosure
    • Clients who have been through a divorce and are starting over
    • Clients who don’t have any credit at all – for whatever reason
    • Clients who have been victims of identity theft
    • Clients who had unforeseen medical bills
    • Clients who are self employed
    • Clients who want to move into their new home now but need a little more time to get their financing in order
    • Clients that need time to save a down payment
    • Clients that need to resolve credit issues
    • Clients who just want to “try-out” home ownership and see if it is right for them
    • Clients who don’t have all the necessary paper documentation to satisfy traditional lending requirements
    • Clients who need to move quickly

If you are faced with any of these circumstances, then we have already helped others just like you; take the first step toward home ownership and Get Started Today!

But if your situation is unique, beyond anything listed here – then we are still here to help. 

Please Contact Us and let us know what your situation is.  Then our experienced staff will go to work for you and determine a way you can achieve your dreams of home ownership too.