At First Step Management we are all about options, flexibility, and providing opportunities to help our clients improve their financial life and future.  This is what Fast Track is all about; it is another option to be able to reach qualification status sooner.  Our standard qualification requires 9 months of on-time payments; Fast Track does not, in fact it does not have any time requirement associated with it.  But, it does require a greater financial commitment.

If you have been saving and have accumulated a 10% down payment for your home, then the 9 month qualification period can be waived – IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Fast TrackIf Fast Track is an option for you, it carries a number of positive benefits with it:

  • Greater Equity Accumulation
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Better Interest Rates
  • Confidence of Locking Your Interest Rate Now

And just like all of our programs time and schedule is flexible.  Meaning, Fast Track is available when our clients first find their home – but it is also available at any time before the start of Phase 2 – Financing.  If Fast Track is an option for you, then notify your manager right away so they can get the best deal for you.